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"I have worked with Servient on a number of matters over the last ten years. They have provided great service and have become a valued part of our team" Richard Tyler McGrath, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia

Efficient Defensible Discovery

Servient's E-Discovery Platform manages all data that is collected in litigation matters and regulatory investigations. Servient delivers advanced machine learning technology within an intuitive, full-featured e-discovery solution to streamline the identification of relevant documents and speed legal review. Servient's powerful technology fundamentally changes the economics of e-discovery.

Servient Learns as the Attorney Reviews


Predictive Review combines advanced machine learning technology with attorney review. Servient actively learns from the document decisions made by the legal team during legal review and separates the relevant documents from the irrelevant material. Predictive Review produces meaningful results after the review of only a modest number of documents. As the legal team reviews more documents, Servient continues to learn and further refines the automated document decisions.

Servient allows the legal team to immediately analyze the likely responsive documents at an early stage of the case. No longer must the trial team's case analysis wait for completion of formal review; it can now be run in parallel.

Servient covers both the Search & Culling and Document Review phases of the e-discovery process. As a result of the unified platform, the learning derived from Predictive Review can be applied back to the entire litigation hold data set to find additional relevant documents that have not been assigned for review.

Servient provides powerful new tools to balance the need for transparency in the selection of search criteria with the need to avoid the assignment of large volumes of irrelevant documents to expensive review. The legal team can negotiate narrowly tailored and more meaningful search criteria, yet supplement the search with the intelligence derived from the ongoing review.

In essence, Servient improves the recall of e-discovery retrieval and significantly increases the precision. Servient improves the quality of the e-discovery while providing huge costs savings.