Servient Alliance Partner Program

Improve your service with proven technology.

The Servient Alliance Partner Program allows companies to enhance their level of client service and differentiate their market offering. Partners can deliver an improved level of e-discovery by leveraging Servient's "game changing" features. These features include advanced text analytics, sub-second search results and active learning technology.

Everyone benefits with the Alliance Partner Program.

Servient's technology enables its partners the dual benefit of generating new sources of revenue and the opportunity to provide cost containment strategies to their customers. Partners strengthen their established client relationships by offering Servient's proven e-discovery solution. Their client's benefit by having immediate access to an additional service that delivers results and reduces costs.

Programs are tailored to your needs.

Partner programs are tailored for the needs of e-discovery consultants, computer forensic professionals and legal review companies. Partners can leverage a flexible business model to immediately increase revenue and improve service offerings that are based on the needs of their clients.

The Servient Alliance Partner Program provides:

  • The most advanced e-discovery platform on the market today.
  • Early document set narrowing technology that handles terabytes of information, returns sub-second search results and statistics and then immediately makes documents available for online legal review.
  • Advanced text analytics engine that identifies concept clusters, core terms, email threads, near duplicates and document relationships.
  • Integrated "active learning" technology to automatically identify responsive documents and privileged documents based upon ongoing user interaction.
  • Sales and marketing support to accelerate market adoption.
  • Training programs, project management, process and search consulting.
For information on becoming a Servient Alliance Partner, contact us at partners [at] servient [dot] com
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"Special Counsel and Servient combine the perfect combination of people, process, and technology to deliver the highest quality product without the need for large scale changes to existing workflow" Chris Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Special Counsel.