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"Special Counsel and Servient combine the perfect combination of people, process, and technology to deliver the highest quality product without the need for large scale changes to existing workflow" Chris Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Special Counsel.


Proven Production Capabilities

Servient's Production component creates production sets covering a variety of specifications ranging from online production to the various load file formats that still pervade the legal profession.

Key Features:

  • Verification Process

    Servient's Production component allows for automated quality checks to ensure the accuracy of generated load files and the existence of the appropriate documents. Counsel can also run sample checks to further verify the accuracy of productions.

  • Document Stamping

    Servient's Production component automates the bates stamping process. Production sets with bates stamp references are searchable within the Document Review component following release of the production. Counsel can also specify a variety of text stamps and watermarks. Confidential stamps can be controlled by the level of confidentiality assigned during review.

  • Virtual Productions

    Counsel can choose to create a virtual production by assigning documents to a production instance of the Servient Document Review component that is accessible to the requesting party. Virtual productions can be performed in a matter of minutes and avoids all of the hassles and costs associated with load files and TIFF generation. Bates stamps and confidential stamps can be applied during virtual productions and Counsel can control what file formats and metadata are made available to the requesting party.

  • Meet Tight Deadlines

    With today's data volume, it is essential to conduct legal reviews using the native file format to avoid costly document conversion services. A native file review imposes a schedule burden at the time of production because litigants typically request converted documents in productions - a process that now is pushed to the end of the workflow and is subject to the tight, non-flexible production deadline. Servient's Production component has been developed to allow production tasks to be automated as the review progresses so that productions are much more manageable.

  • Production Formats

    Servient supports productions consisting of TIFF images, PDF and/or native file formats. Counsel can control the naming conventions for the selected document formats including the option of appending a bates number to the file name of native files in the production. Servient also generates extracted text files and load files covering all of the standard formats used in litigation.

  • Digital Evidence Container

    Native files can be produced within Servient's proprietary Digital Evidence Container. All file metadata is preserved within the container and original system metadata can also be included in the container. The authentic native file with all metadata intact is produced when the file is extracted from the container with Servient's simple extraction tool. Counsel can now safely transfer the files on any media (DVD, drive, FTP etc.) during production without being concerned about modification of the original metadata.

  • Physical Delivery

    Counsel can specify a variety of production media including CD, DVD or USB Drive. Counsel can also make productions available to the requesting party through Servient's secure FTP servers. Of course, Servient also allows for blowbacks to be performed through our network of partners in various locations throughout the country.