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"We highly recommend Servient for its leading-edge Predictive Review tools, lightning fast searches, superb user interface and outstanding customer support." Arthur S. Linker, Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Improved Review Quality

Predictive Review provides a new and powerful quality assurance tool that increases the consistency of review. With Predictive Review, the review manager can compare a manual reviewers' rate of agreement with the automated document decisions. This comparison will quickly identify reviewers that are out of sync with the rest of the team. The technology also can identify discrepancies in review calls at the document content level. Armed with this information, the review manager can quickly recognize misunderstandings regarding the factual basis of the matter and correct the review.

Increasing the consistency of the manual review not only improves the quality of the e-discovery process, it also improves the effectiveness of the machine learning process. Predictive Review reduces the error rate associated with manual review.


Review Responsive Documents Early On In The Case

The grouping of documents based upon probability of responsiveness also allows the legal team to review the likely responsive documents first. This means that the review is focused on relevant documents, eliminating the confusion resulting from the need to wade through the mountain of irrelevant material. Allowing the reviewers to focus on relevant documents improves the reliability of the review.

By moving the responsive documents to the start of the review, the second level review and privilege verification can start at a much earlier point, thereby reducing the rushed quality control and production preparation that often occurs in today's litigation. Machine learning significantly reduces the burden of meeting discovery deadlines because the review of the relevant documents is completed early in the review.

Quality and Efficiency Can Be Achieved

Servient's technology can help manage costs and achieve the quality required for today's complex e-discovery challenges. The decision to incorporate advances in technology should not be avoided because of uninformed assertions of so-called defensibility (which is usually little more than a personal statement of opinion devoid of any application to an actual legal standard); what is not defensible is the decision to forgo technology tools that can improve the quality of review, which we know today, is extremely error prone.

Predictive Review is not about replacing lawyer review. Predictive Review relies on continued lawyer review and, instead, improves the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of the review. By partnering with Servient, the legal team can improve the quality and reliability of review. Quality assurance that is driven by Predictive Review is an effective tool that allows legal teams to manage complex litigation matters efficiently and defensively.

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